Terms and Conditions - General Conditions of Purchase


The general terms and conditions of the online shop were created in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act(CPA), the Data Protection Act (DPA) and the Law on Electronic Media (LEM).
The online shop is managed by Peti element d.o.o., Kidričeva 35, 3250, Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia (Seller).
Shopping in the online shop takes place around the clock every day of the year. For various technical reasons, business activity or access to the online store will sometimes be blocked at frequent intervals as website maintenance takes place. Due to the maintenance of the Website there may be occasional interruptions to the Website resulting in erroneous data about product prices, descriptions and inventory status. The provider is not responsible for any incorrect information resulting from the maintenance and will inform the buyer at the same time about possible problems that may arise when placing an order. The provider reserves the right to limit or cease the sale of some or all of the products either temporarily or permanently, or to limit or cease completely access to the Online Store for a specified or indefinite period of time. The provider assumes no responsibility for the non-functioning of the online shop due to user ignorance, for any consequences of misuse of the online shop, malfunction of the service due to network failure, power failure or other technical disruption affecting temporary or long term use.
The buyer is bound by the General Terms and Conditions valid at the time of purchase - the submission of the online order. At the time of placing an order, the user will be informed of the Terms and Conditions and confirms his acquaintance by submitting the order.
You can use the services of the online shop if you register as a user, but also if you make a purchase without registering. When registering in the system, you will receive a username that is identical to your email address and a password. By registering, or making a quick purchase, you become a user and acquire the right to purchase. This applies to all persons over 16 years.
The provider reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions without notice. The changes are effective from the date of publication and are binding for the user.

Browse through our extensive product catalogue by categories that give you faster access to products, or just type the product you're looking for into the search engine to get the result you want. The search engine allows you to search for products by key word, you will find the search engine at the top in the middle.

Once you have found the products you want to order, click on the "add to cart" icon. At the top right of the shopping cart, you can see how many items are already in it. If you click with the mouse on the shopping cart, a list of the items that you have already in the shopping cart, the total amount and other shopping steps will be shown.

When buying online, you can pay in the following ways:
• Personal takeover in the store.You take over and pay the order in the store.
• Payment by proforma invoice:you will receive a proforma invoice by post or by e-mail to the address, which you have specified in the order. After payment of the invoice, the shipment will be shipped within 1-2 days or within the agreed period.
• Payment at delivery: You can pay for the ordered goods at the time of takeover. Payment is only possible with cash. Regardless of the value of the purchase you have to be personally present when you take over the goods. Please note that the delivery service charges a commission for such a service that is not included in the invoice. This is:
- for an amount of up to 98.00 €, will be charged a fee of 1.05 €,
- for an amount of 98,00 € to 501,00 € will be charged 1% of the value and
- for an amount over 501,00 € will be charged a fee of 5,01 €.
• Payment by debit or credit card: We accept payments by Maestro, Activa Maestro, Mastercard, Eurocard, Visa, Visa Electron, Diners Club cards. At the end of the purchase, you will be redirected to a page where you can pay the purchases with a payment card. IMPORTANT NOTE: Changes to MasterCard and Visa Card Payments (additional security password provided to your phone number) - click for more information.
Instructions for payment with payment cards

In the last step of the purchase choose a payment by card. A new window will open in which you enter the card number. For a Maestro card payment, find the card number on the back of the card. The CVV code is not necessary to enterin this case. Select the expiration date of the card and confirm and finish the purchase.
Visa und MasterCard
In the last step of the purchase, choose a payment by card. A new window will open in which you enter the card number. Enter the CVV/CVC code, select the expiry date of the card and confirm. Normally, the bank will ask you for the confirmation number you have received on your phone.
All prices in the online shop are in Euro and include VAT. When purchasing the prices apply at the time of order confirmation. When purchasing, we consider the price which is valid at the time of payment confirmation. Prices in the online shop are subject to change without notice. Pictures are symbolic.
In case of a price error you are allowed to withdraw from the purchase. The price of the product does not include delivery.
Prices shown are only for purchases in the online shop. We reserve the right to daily price changes of products in the online store without prior notice.

Online shop users can buy products at promotional prices as well as reduced prices. Various campaigns, promotions and other marketing techniques are featured. For each product, to which a promotion or discount price applies, the conditions of participation are clearly defined.
Users can buy specific products with special coupon codes that they may receive in different ways (on flyers, in social networks, via email). The coupon code offers a variety of shopping benefits and is limited in time. Usage rules are clearly defined. You can enter the code for the specific product at the end of the online order - cart.

The provider of the online shop is in accordance with theData Protection Act(DPA) committed to protect the personal data of its users.
The personal data of our users is one of the areas to which we pay particular care and attention. We ensure that all requirements are met and even exceed them, as we are aware of the sensitivity of this area. All personal information of the online shop user is confidential and will never be disclosed to unauthorized persons. Personal data is information that identifies you as a data subject: your name, last name, e-mail address or regular address, etc. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the data entered by users. We do not collect your personal information unless you allow us to do so or allow us specifically - when ordering products or when subscribing to our e-news. You can always unsubscribe from our e-news at info e-mail address. If your personal information changes, please contact us. To protect his or her personal data, the user is also responsible for ensuring the security of his username and password as well as the corresponding software (anti-virus) protection of his computer.
Seller is collecting the following data for the purpose of improving its operations:
• Name and first name,
• Address and place of residence,
• E-mail address (your username),
• Contact phone number,
• Password in encrypted form,
• And other data that users enter into forms on the website

You can visit most pages in the online store without revealing your personal information. However, some information is automatically obtained through cookies that are standard tools in the online industry. By using cookies and web signals, we can identify your IP address, the type of browser you use, and your overall online activity. IP addresses are collected for security purposes.
At the beginning of the visit, each user is assigned a session cookie to identify and monitor the shopping cart. All of the above data, with the exception of cookies, will be permanently saved on the server. Session cookies are only stored in the server's memory for the duration of the visit and deleted after one hour of inactivity, but permanent cookies are stored on the visitor's computer.
If you disable cookies on your computer, you will not be able to make purchases at the online store.
Exceptional disclosure of personal information
Data collected and processed by seller are only disclosed, if such an obligation is established by law or in good faith, and such action is necessary for trials before court or for other governmental institutions and for the protection and enforcement of the legitimate interests of seller.

What are cookies and why are they needed?
A cookie is a short text that the website sends to your browser during your visit. In this way, it will recognize the website, remember information about your visit, and offer you a friendly and easier web service. By using cookies, we can adapt the content of our website, remember your preferences and your visits to our online shop. Browsing our online shop is more comfortable with cookies, faster and more effective.

The order will be rejected if it is determined that it cannot be executed under the specified conditions and the information available to the online shop. The buyer cannot demand the fulfilment of such an order.
The online store starts immediately after receiving the order with the activities required to complete the order.
The submitted electronic order or the concluded purchase agreement will be stored at the registered office of the Company. The customer can monitor all of his orders in his profile.
The buyer may, in accordance with Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Act, notify the provider within 14 days after receipt of the goods without any special reason in writing about the cancellation of an order. Notification of cancellation may be made by the buyer on a form or with an unambiguous statement indicating clearly that the contract is cancelled.

The provider must deliver the goods or service in the promised time. Upon delivery, he must provide the user with additional information about his right of withdrawal, in particular the conditions and the way in which the right is exercised. This must contain all necessary information regarding the address to which the user can turn for a complaint.
If you decide to accept the order personally in one of our outlets, please mark personal takeoverat the desired shipping method. Then there are will be no shipping costs.
Orders until 12 a.m. are usually shipped the same day, but most shipments will be shipped within 1 business day. The expected delivery for products in stock is within 1-4 working days, in other cases up to 15 days. For products that we do not have in stock, the delivery time is up to 15 days after receipt of the order. In case of a longer delivery time, you will be notified of the delivery date by e-mail or telephone.
We do not ship goods on Sundays and public holidays.
For most shipments the delivery time is 1 day. For reasons we cannot control, it can be extended (accidents, road conditions, errors, etc.).
The contract partners for the delivery of shipments are Pošta Slovenije, DPD and GLS.
You can pick up the shipment in person in one of our stores and choose Option I at the end of your shopping PERSONAL TAKEOVER. In this case there are no shipping costs.
If you are not at home at the time of delivery, the postman will leave you a note and you can receive the shipment at the post office. If you do not pick up the package after 10 days, you will be contacted by the post office again and after 14 days the shipment will be returned to Biotopic.
The delivery service informs you by SMS and/or e-mail about the delivery of the package. It will call you again before delivery and check if you are at home. If you are not at home, you can make another appointment or arrange that the delivery service leaves the package at an agreed place.
All products are controlled before delivery and shipped undamaged.
In the event that the delivered products do not meet the characteristics or specifications of the ordered products, you must notify us within 8 days of the date of receipt of the product. Please return the products in the original packaging and in the condition in which you received the product. Include the completed complaint form, sent by e-mail upon request, with a brief description of the reason for the refund. We will refund the amount in the value of the returned product without shipping costs, will send you a credit voucher or send new products.
If goods were damaged during transport, please contact the delivery service that delivered the goods. If you believe that the shipment was damaged during shipping, check the goods immediately and in the presence of the delivery service. All subsequent claims for damage to property are considered by delivery services only in exceptional cases and cannot be remedied by our company. Enter any damages into the damage form, which must be signed by the deliverer.
1. You can withdraw from the contract within 15 days after receipt of the goods without giving reasons under the Consumer Protection Act.
2. Seller does not cover the cost of returning goods. This cost is paid by the buyer. The goods can be returned to seller within 8 days of sending the notice of withdrawal from the purchase contract.
3. The goods must be sent undamaged and in unaltered quantities to the nearest branch, unless the goods are not destroyed or faulty by mistake of the buyer. The original packaging of the product must also be undamaged and preserved in its original unaltered condition.
4. If the claim is justified, you have the right to choose another product from the offer, to request a credit voucher or to request a refund of the purchase price.
5. If a claim for damages due to product damage cannot be settled immediately, the company will draw up a complaint report and send the goods to analysis, which confirms or rejects the reason for the complaint to be validated. We only cover the costs of the analysis if the claim is justified, otherwise you will have to pay the costs yourself.
6. The buyer is obliged to send each returned product by post at his or her own expense. Shipments with cash on delivery will not be accepted.

Shopping and payment at online stores is safe. All money transactions that are executed in an online store are protected by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and a secure encryption protocol. All payments with a debit card are processed in real time for your security, with immediate verification of the data at the banks.
All information you provide to us is encrypted using SSL data encryption technology. The data encryption process does not allow interception of personal data. Personal data is encrypted from your computer to the bank's authorization server and is not stored on the provider's server. If you want to verify that your browser is in safe mode while paying, look for the lock icon in the bottom corner or at the end of the address bar in your browser.
When updating the website, we endeavour to guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of the information. However, criminal and civil liability for actual and legal errors in information is completely excluded and we are not liable for any direct or indirect damage or inconvenience caused by the use of false or inaccurate information that may appear on this site.

We reserve the right to change any information contained or accessible on this site at any time without prior notice. The content published on this website does not have the character of an official document, unless expressly stated. We also cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from technical difficulties or inability to access the Site, or the inability to use the information contained on the website.
This website also contains links to other websites of legal entities and individuals for which we assume no responsibility for the content, format and updating of these pages and for their possible guidelines for website visitors.
All texts, pictures, graphics, animations and other documents contained in the websites are subject to the protection of copyright or other protective laws to the extent permitted by law. The content of web pages may not be copied, distributed, altered or otherwise reproduced except in the case of our written consent.
In case of errors in shipment or delivery of goods, the buyer initially addresses the claim directly to the seller. The seller then responds in due time, depending on the nature of the problem, by rejecting or confirming the complaint and offering possible solutions to the matter.

If the parties cannot resolve a dispute by mutual agreement, the dispute is settled by a competent court with jurisdiction in Celje.

In accordance with Article 32 of the Out-of-Court Dispute Settlement Act, seller does not recognize the competence of certain suppliers for settling consumer disputes that the buyer may initiate pursuant to this Act.

Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

The company PETI ELEMENT d.o.o. in accordance with legal standards does not recognize any executor of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as responsible for resolving consumer disputes that the consumer might initiate in accordance with the Law on Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes. The company PETI ELEMENT d.o.o.  as a provider of goods and services publishes on its website an electronic link to the online dispute resolution platform for consumers (ODRP). The platform is available to consumers via the electronic link http://ec.europa.eu/odr. The above regulation is based on the Law on the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes, Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the online settlement of consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2016/2004 and the Directive



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